“Doc, can I use this book as a guide?” asked the to be wed Imran. The book was titled Position a day. “Why do you need the book?” I asked. “I want to be different each day and drown my wife in pleasure and ecstasy” was the answer.

I am reminded of an andacious couple who came to me for help after they decided to play the role of a gymnast and a clown” Both were clutching their backs, obviously in pain. They had tired one such position as depicted in a Khajuraho temple.

There are others who have tried to re-enact Mission Impossible-III and Matrix in their bedrooms with Collateral Damage! It’s true what they say about life being a motion picture and a circus. Positions are an important ingredient of sex. They are excitement boosters. No doubt about that. And it does help kill the monotony by trying out different positions once in a while provided both the partners are comfortable with it. While there is no harm in trying something new, one has to keep in mind what is actually feasible in reality. A Tom Cruise or a Keanu Reeves stunt on screen ought not to translate into real life. A broken pelvis is tougher to live with.

Can any book guarantee sexual ecstasy? Does pleasure depend solely on coital postures?

A book may boast of a million positions, but technically not all of them maybe practical. One has to exercise wisdom to gauge that. Another important point to remember is that positions alone are not responsible for pleasure during sex. They are just the add-ons. A man or a woman may prefer a particular position not necessarily because it maximizes their pleasure but because they are both comfortable with it. There is no one position that is superior to the other.

The ability to try out new, exciting positions will also depend on the physical fitness of the individuals.

O by improving the muscle tone and the dexterity of the body especially in the pelvis, one can look at the odds of adventure. Aerobics is a great form of workout. It strengthens and makes the musculature more flexible.

Only a strong hip can withstand the rigors of the in and out movements. For inspiration observe Prabhu Deva’s gyrating jhatkasin the movies!