My boyfriend and I are in love and though we do not have sex, we do indulge in a lot of foreplay. When we do this, my boyfriend reaches climax but I don’t. He tries to make me climax using his fingers but I am too dry. However, when I try to make myself climax, it works. Why don’t I climax with my boyfriend?

The most likely reason may be that you are more relaxed when you stimulate yourself than when your partner is stimulating you. Moreover your boy friend may not know the appropriate stimulatory method suitable to you. During sex if you are concerned that you may be found out or if you two are in a hurry and do not have enough privacy you will not be able to get fully involved in the act. Any distractions will slow down the pace of arousal. A man can get aroused sexually and reach its peak faster than a woman. Nature has built us that way.