It’s been six months that I’m married. Though my husband has tried various positions for variety so far, I haven’t had orgasm. How and when does orgasm happen? What is the G-Spot and where is it located? My husband is more interested in oral sex while I loathe it. Now he is more interested in anal sex. Is it a mental illness? What is a way out?
You seem to have many misconceptions and inhibitions in sex. Unless you learn to let yourself go and enjoy all the sensual feelings, you will not reach orgasm. Orgasm can occur through genital sexual intercourse, oral-genital sex or through masturbation (by self and by partner). G-Spot is a bean shaped area in the top wall of the vagina. It is supposed to be present between two to three inches from the external vaginal opening. However, it is present only in less than eight percent of women. I do not think that your husband has neither mental illness nor hyper-sexuality. I suggest you two consult a specialist in person.

I’m a 28-year-old woman married for two years now. I have had three abortions during this period. Before this, my vagina was more sensitive and orgasms were more frequent. What should I do to repair the damage, if there has been any, so as to regain my vagina’s sensitivity and increase my orgasms?
You need to consult your gynaecologist to check whether your vagina was damaged during the abortion procedures.