I am a 27-year-old male, married for the last one year but I am still not able to have sex with my wife. I get good erection but my wife’s vagina is very small. During the time of intercourse it becomes absolutely impossible to penetrate. I have tried a lot of lubricants but they don’t help.

Generally speaking, female vagina is a potential sheath. It can stretch as much as possible to accommodate the penis whatever size it may be. Probably your wife is apprehensive of being penetrated and subconsciously tightening her vaginal muscles. Very rarely there may be an anatomical defect in the vagina which may prevent penetration. Get your wife examined by a gynaecologist.

I got married recently. I have doubts if I am able to satisfy my wife during sex. How much time does it take for a man to satisfy a woman? Is it 10 minutes, 20 or 30 minutes?

There is no standard or fixed time to determine if a man is satisfying a woman. It differs from individual to individual. Check with your wife whether she feels fulfilled in sexual intercourse or not. Unless you create confidence in her that you will not misunderstand her, she will not tell you the truth. Spend more time in foreplay and get her highly aroused before starting the genital intercourse. Observe her expressions and you will soon learn whether she is satisfied or not. Most important is to focus on your interpersonal relationship and communication. If they are good then satisfaction will automatically follow.